Congratulations to Our Newly Elected Executive!


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1: New Voice, New Ears

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This month we’re saying a heartfelt goodbye to Kai O’Doherty who has served you as Communications Officer over the past year.

Although I could never replace Kai, I (Maxim Baru) will do my best to carry on the work with equal intelligence and commitment.

AMUSE News: Vacation Pay, and How to Get Involved with AMUSE

3 Ways to Get Involved with AMUSE!


#1: Become a Union Representative in Your Workplace

Learn about what rights you and your co-workers have in the workplace by becoming a union steward! This role entails being a contact for other members in your workplace, and can involve as much or as little outreach work as you please!…

AMUSE News: BBQ Thursday! Welcome to our New Executive!


New AMUSE Executive Elected!

As we say a loving goodbye to our outgoing President, Molly Swain, we welcome three newly-elected executives to the AMUSE team! Replacing Molly as President is Claire Michela, outgoing Labour Relations Officer. Replacing her is Heather Holdsworth, outgoing Internal Affairs Officer. Bradley Powell was subsequently voted in as Internal Affairs Officer (IAO).…