$15 and Fair

Fight for a McGill Campus Minimum Wage

15 and fair

You can find the petition here and the amazing webpage here. You can also follow the action of Facebook.

The current minimum pay rates at McGill fall well below the standards set for a Quebec living wage. Many are paid at near-minimums, and fewer and fewer are given full-time hours, predictable schedules, or benefits. The administration has continuously cut back on regular positions – those with better pay, job security, and benefits – and begun hiring casualized employees to do the same work for less under more precarious circumstances.

McGill administrators suggest that tightening its belt will allow the school to maintain its high quality of education as the government cuts back on its funding in a time of austerity. Not only does underpaying us, many of whom are students, serve to make our educations less accessible, but it’s unnecessary: McGill finished its last fiscal year with a surplus, and over this same period  executive pay, elite bonuses, andretirement packages for the upper administration have been reaching unprecedented levels.

This to say that we insist that the money is there, that McGill is capable of paying all employees a living wage, and that it’s time we get our fair share.

In solidarity with the Fifteen and Fair campaigns across the continent, we call on McGill to institute a Campus Minimum Wage, consisting of:

  • a $15 minimum wage for all McGill employees.
  • a $15 minimum wage for employees of all third-party contractors or tenants.
  • equal benefits for full, part-time, and casual staff