Unit A Collective Agreement


According to APPENDIX H of our Collective Agreement, McGill integrated all positions covered by the Collective Agreement into a classification plan (Class A, B, C). If you think you may be doing the work of a job description on this list that is not your own, you may be misclassified! Please reach out to labour.amuse@gmail.com to discuss your contract and wages to determine if you need to be reclassified.

Check out the video below to hear about the major changes to the new collective agreement.

The minimum wage scale is as follows, as per Article 22 of the collective agreement:

Article 22 Salary Structure
Group A Group B Group C
At Signature of Agreement $13.75 $13.75 $13.75
June 1, 2017 $13.75 $13.75 $14.00
June 1, 2018 $13.75 $14.00 $14.25
June 1, 2019 $13.75 $14.25 $14.50
Holidays 3.6% 3.6% 3.6%
Vacation 4% 4% 4%
This Collective Agreement expires on May 31, 2020.
Wages will remain in effect until the signature of the next Collective Agreement.


Key points and changes in the new collective agreement:

Article 7 — Discrimination

  • 7.01 now includes pregnancy as a protected grounds against discrimination.

Article 8 — Psychological Harassment

  • 8.03 now refers to “employment status,” ensuring that harassment for being a casual employee is protected against.
  • 8.06 introduces formal mediation as a potential resolution in harassment complaints.

Article 9 — General Provisions

  • 9.01 requires the University to supply AMUSE with our membership lists on a monthly basis.

Article 12 — Grievance Resolution Procedure

  • 12.02 allows for grievances to be brought to the attention of a supervisor by a union representative, rather than by an individual member.
  • 12.03 increases the amount of time the union has to file a grievance after learning of an issue.

Article 17 — Probationary Period

  • 17.01 reduces the probationary period to two consecutive terms, from the previous three. In order to pass probation the employee must have worked at least 25 hours in each of the consecutive terms, and the probationary period ends immediately after the 25th hour worked in the second of the consecutive terms.
  • 17.05 requires that the end of the probationary period be confirmed in writing to the employee, with a copy to the union.

Article 18 — Posting and Granting of Assignments

  • 18.03 allows the employer to re-hire someone in the same position without posting the position.

Article 19 — Employment Contract

  • 19.02 states that the employment contract must be issued along with the union membership form and the AMUSE Welcome Flyer.

Article 21 — Rests and Meal Periods

  • This article describes rest periods and meal breaks as defined by law, to which all employees are entitled.

Article 22 — Salary Structure

  • This article indicates that replacement employees for MUNACA positions shall no longer be AMUSE members unless their contract duration is less than one month.
  • 22.01 indicates the new minimum rates of pay and scheduled pay increases (see table above).

Article 30 — Sick Leave

  • This article states that employees are entitled to take sick leave without pay, according to the provisions therein.

Article 31 — Employment Injuries

  • This article indicates what an employee should do if they sustain an injury at work.

Article 32 — Health and Safety in the Workplace

  • This article indicates that employees must receive education, training and supervision appropriate to ensure that the employee can safely perform the work, and employees have the right to refuse work that is unsafe.

Appendix E — Letter of Agreement: Employee Access to ID Cards

  • This Letter of Agreement ensures that the employer and the union will meet in a committee with a mandate to “discuss and review the current process relative to Identification Cards and to allow non-student Employees to have access to Identification Cards”.

Appendix G — Letter of Agreement Regarding Work Study

  • This Letter of Agreement ensures that a committee will meet twice per year with representatives from the university and the union in order to discuss the Work Study program.

Appendix H — Letter of Agreement Regarding Classifications

  • This Letter of Agreement ensures that the employer will develop a classification plan that includes position titles by January 14, 2018.


Information on the 2012-2015 Collective Agreement can be found here.