BoR Positions Open, Translator Job Posting, Unit B AGM & Reminders!

Positions Open on BoR

A superhero figure with a cape and the AMUSE "A" logo on its chest.We have three general spots open on the Board of Representatives and we strongly encourage you to run for them! These are interim positions with a term that lasts until our next Annual General Meeting in early 2019. The BoR is a great way to get involved with AMUSE and support the union while having your voice truly heard. You can find out more about the BoR here. Our next meeting is Friday, September 28th! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about the BoR or becoming a Representative.

Job Posting: French Translator

AMUSE is seeking a French Translator. Please see the attached job posting for more information on the position. This is an AMUSE job and not a McGill job; applicants need not be members of AMUSE.

Unit B Annual General Meeting

A reminder to Floor Fellows that the Unit B AGM is taking place on Tuesday, September 25th at 5pm at the Carrefour Sherbrooke 2nd Floor Ballroom. Dinner will be provided!

This AGM is exclusively for members who are Floor Fellows.

Union Membership Forms

Did you sign an AMUSE Union Membership Form when you signed your latest contract? A reminder that all members, both new and returning, should sign a form with each new contract — even if you’ve already worked this same position.