Flooding Process for Employees

Here is the process that should be followed for employees facing the current flooding:

First, the employee should call their supervisor (each day) to advise him/her that they will be late or that they will not be able to come to work because of the flooding. If their supervisor agrees that this situation is linked to the flooding, the employee will be paid as if they were present at work.…

Unit B: Floor Fellows are taking action!

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, after 2.5 years of conciliation and bargaining, Unit B and McGill finally came to an agreement on a Collective Agreement in December. However, when the final draft was brought to McGill Administration (which was supposed to be a formality, according to the McGill negotiators), they voted down the agreement and backed out.…

Collective Agreement – Signed!

At 9am this morning, the Unit A Collective Agreement was signed!
What does this mean for you?

The new Collective Agreement is Unit A’s second Collective Agreement and was agreed upon following 1.5 years of bargaining as well as a 5-day strike that took place in October.

The new CA incorporates considerable improvements for our members.…