Pay Equity Settlement Email

AMUSE sent an email today (March 15th) to approximately 6,000 former members who worked at McGill prior to 2016 and are eligible for retroactive payments as a result of the pay equity settlement between AMUSE and McGill. We want to assure everyone who received it that the email IS indeed legitimate; all information will be kept confidential and shared only with McGill for the purpose of issuing the retroactive payments.…

Annual General Meeting + Pay Equity Settlement

2019 Annual General Meeting

"Annual General Meeting" on a red background.

AMUSE is holding its 2019 Annual General Meeting on Thursday, January 31 at 6pm in Leacock 26. All members are encouraged to attend to vote and/or run for election, hear annual reports, and vote on the 2019-20 budget, among other items.

All AMUSE terms are for one year, so all Executive positions except for VP Floor Fellow (President, Internal Affairs Officer, Labour Relations Officer, Communications & Outreach Officer, Treasurer), along with 10 of our 12 Board Delegate seats, will be up for election.…

Unit B Annual General Meeting

The words 'I ♥ Floor Fellows' on a black background.The Unit B AGM will take place on Tuesday, September 25 at 5pm at the Carrefour Sherbrooke 2nd Floor Ballroom.

Among other topics, the AGM will discuss a budget and elect representatives for the 2018-19 year. More information on the AGM agenda and the elections will be available at a later date.…