Collective Agreement, Opportunities for Getting Involved and Discretionary Funding Change

Collective Agreements have been printed!
Our new Collective Agreements have been printed in a beautiful baby blue and are just waiting for you to pick them up for you and your coworkers! Come by the office during office hours or email to arrange a time to grab some or to meet on campus!

Join us in reviving our Equity Committee and developing an Anti-Oppression Policy for AMUSE!
At our 2017 AGM, the AMUSE membership motioned to revive the Equity Committee for the purpose of developing an Anti-Oppression policy for AMUSE. If you’re interested in being part of developing it, we’d love to work on it with you! Remember, all hours you spend completing work for AMUSE are paid for through liberation at the same rate of pay as your casual job on campus.

If you would like to read this motion, are interested in joining the revival of AMUSE’s Equity Committee to work on this policy, or have any questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact

Open Board of Representative Position!
We have one spot open on the Board of Representatives and we strongly encourage you to run for it! The BoR is a really great way to get involved with AMUSE and support the union once a month or so, while having your voice truly heard! You can find out more about the BoR here and keep an eye out for an announcement about when the next BoR will be! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about the BoR or becoming a Representative!

Change in Discretionary Funding
Please be aware that, due to an unfortunate tightening of the budget, there is a total of $50 dollars per month allocated to discretionary funding requests (to a total of $500 dollars for the year). For more information on discretionary funding please visit our discretionary funding page and application form.