Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update March 13

Dear AMUSE members,

In light of the decision for McGill to close for two weeks to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, we are working to mitigate any potential hardship this may cause for our members.
We have contacted McGill to see what their policy for casual worker compensation will be and we will push them to provide pay to those AMUSE members who will not be able to work during this time. If your pay or hours are affected by COVID-19 and you find yourself in a difficult financial situation, please contact us. We have funds set aside specifically to support our members.

It is very important to take precautions against receiving and transmitting COVID-19, if you are expected to continue to work, we strongly encourage AMUSE members to work from home when possible. If your manager refuses to accommodate working from home, please contact us.

Remember, you have the right to sick leave and you have the right to refuse to work if it is unsafe. You are entitled to have a union representative present for or included in any correspondence between you and your manager. For more information on your rights, please refer to this message from our parent union or contact us with any concerns.
AMUSE executives will be cancelling office hours indefinitely, however, we will still be working remotely. We will be available to talk by email at