Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update March 17

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Worker Compensation Update March 17

Hello fellow AMUSE members,

Here is an update regarding missed work and the potential compensation options as well as alternative funding.
If you are…

a casual employee who has a schedule already made for the next two weeks you will be compensated for those hours. This also includes work-study employees who are part of the AMUSE union.

a casual employee who does not have a schedule set for the next two weeks but work a consistent amount each week (e.g. 10-15 hours per week) you should take an average of your last four weeks of work and send a timesheet with that average to your supervisor to receive compensation for the next two weeks.

Everyone, make sure to submit timesheets as if you were working over this period, otherwise you will not get paid.

If you do not fall under these two situations you may not receive compensation especially if you work events that have been cancelled later in the semester. If this is you, we recommend contacting us to discuss other funding options.

Additionally, here is a link to an information sheet we have put together about Employment Insurance that you may be eligible to receive from the Canadian government:
Employment Insurance (English and French)
If you have any questions, concerns, or need help with next steps please contact us at