Flooding Process for Employees

Here is the process that should be followed for employees facing the current flooding:

First, the employee should call their supervisor (each day) to advise him/her that they will be late or that they will not be able to come to work because of the flooding. If their supervisor agrees that this situation is linked to the flooding, the employee will be paid as if they were present at work. This directive will be in force for the week of Monday May 8th to Friday May 12th. Please note that this directive does not have any retroactive application.

If the employee is still unable to come to work starting May 13th, McGill will allow the employee to take unused Personal days, Vacation days and/or accumulated overtime. If the employee has already used all the above days off, McGill will allow the employee to take anticipated vacation (up to 10 vacation days) from his June 1st vacation bank. This directive will be in force until the end of May.

We only received this notice on Wednesday, May 10th so if you have any questions or have an issue, please contact us directly.