Mobilization Committee

The Mobilization Committee is a chance for members to get directly involved in some of the biggest projects of the union! A union is only as strong as it’s least informed member, so it is very important for us to do our best to reach out to each individual member and empower them in the workplace. The Committee works on campaigns, events, and other projects that are informative and build community within the union.To get involved with the Mobilization Committee, and for info on the next meeting, please contact our VP Outreach at

Bargaining Research Committee

Not currently active

The Bargaining Research Committee works during period where we are not in negotiations with the university to keep track of issues that have arisen with the current Collective Agreement, engage with members who are experiencing negative side effects from the agreement, and research the issues that are important to members with the goal of improving working conditions now and preparing for future bargaining. For more information on the Bargaining Research Committee please contact the Labour Relations Officer at

Health & Safety Committee

The Health and Safety Committee works on issues of physical, emotional, and mental health in the workplace, generating and disseminating print and digital resources, contacts, and support to members and attending various PSAC conferences regarding Occupational Health & Safety. Please contact the president at for more information or to get involved!

Equity Committee / Solidarity Committee

In the past, the AMUSE Equity Committee has dealt with a variety of equity issues, from working on an internal policy to providing a forum for questions and complaints from members on matters of Pay Equity, Employment Equity, and equity issues in the workplace as a whole. In the summer 2015, it merged with MUNACA’s Social Justice Committee to create the “Solidarity Committee”, that meets monthly to organize social justice and solidarity-themed events in collaboration with other Montreal-based organizations. If you are interested in participating in this committee please contact the VP Internal at

Financial Auditing Committee

The Financial Auditing Committee does a collective audit of the union’s finances and the Treasurer’s records and reviews the yearly budget that is prepared by the Treasurer. It meets regularily to review the budget and handle discretionary funding. Please contact the Treasurer at for more information.

By Law and Policy Committee

This committee is currently on hiatus while AMUSE and MUNACA undergo the process merging. A new embodiment of this committee will be created post-merger. If you have any questions regarding the merger, our policies or by-laws, please contact the President at