Labour Relations Officer Election, BoR Positions Open, and Call for Submissions!

Labour Relations Officer Election

A button with the AMUSE logoOur current Labour Relations Officer will be leaving Montreal, so we will be electing an interim LRO with a mandate until the 2019 Annual General Meeting in January. The election will take place at our Board meeting on August 27.

The Labour Relations Officer works approximately 20 hours per week at a rate of $15 per hour and is essential to ensuring that members’ rights are upheld. They are responsible for grievance handling, sit on the university Labour Relations Committee, and work with advisors and lawyers at the PSAC to process formal complaints. More of the LRO’s duties can be found in the AMUSE By-laws, specifically at articles 12 (general duties of the Executive Committee) and 13.5 (particular duties of the Labour Relations Officer).

If you’re interested in learning more about the role, contact outgoing LRO, Heather, at!

Positions Open on BoR and Grievance Committee

We have three general spots open on the Board of Representatives and we strongly encourage you to run for them! These are interim positions with a term that lasts until our next Annual General Meeting in early 2019. The BoR is a great way to get involved with AMUSE and support the union while having your voice truly heard. You can find out more about the BoR here. Our next meeting is Monday, August 27th! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about the BoR or becoming a Representative.

We also have one open position on our grievance committee! This elected committee works through member grievances and complaints. Anyone interested can respond directly to the newsletter with any questions regarding the grievance committee, and they will be forwarded to the committee Chair.

Call for Submissions: Ad Hoc Senate Committee on Teaching Staff-Student Intimate Relationships

The mandate of the Ad Hoc Senate Committee on Teaching Staff-Student Intimate Relationships (“the Committee”) is “to explore and make recommendations to Senate on how McGill University ought to address, from a policy perspective, teaching staff-student relationships.” See McGill’s Guidelines on Intimate Relationships Between Teaching Staff and Students, for definitions of “teaching staff” and “student.”

To fulfill its mandate, the Committee invites all McGill University community members, including students, staff and academic staff, to provide comments or lived experience related to how the university should regulate teaching staff-student intimate relationships. Deadline for submissions is August 24, 2018.

The Committee asks that submissions be:

  • Submitted in writing, in English or French
  • Maximum one page (the Committee will not read additional pages)
  • Sent by email to

Submissions will be read by all Committee members but will otherwise be kept confidential by the Committee. The Committee will take all submissions into account in the context of its work.

Should you have any questions, please contact Julie Lassonde, Chair, at

Please note that the Committee does not have the authority to receive complaints of harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination or violence. The Chair will redirect such complaints to appropriate authorities. For a list of campus support resources, click on this link.