The AMUSE-MUNACA merger that was approved by the membership at the February 2015 Annual General Meeting is currently on hiatus. The merger itself has not yet occurred but our Executives, Committees and Stewards are still working closely together. The Solidarity Committee is still meeting among other joint committees still taking place and our Stewards network is working together.

For more detailed information on the merger the past few months, and why the merger has slowed down, please refer to this Joint Memo from the Presidents of both AMUSE and MUNACA.

The AMUSE-MUNACA merger was approved by the membership at our last Annual General Meeting in February 2015. The merger will bind the executive and steward structures of both unions to strengthen communication and resources. Learn more by reading the merger plan and Q & A documents, and visiting MUNACA’s website.

On February 23rd, 2017 from 12pm-2pm in FDA Auditorium, AMUSE and MUNACA members will be meeting to vote on the merger By-Laws as well as a Transition Policy to be in place while we merge our two unions.

Better Together – A plan to merge AMUSE and MUNACA into one strong union

Q & A about the Merger – Answers to all your questions about the merger

Proposed Merger By-Laws – As of September 2016

Transition Policy – As of September 2016

MUNACA Website – MUNACA represents permanent non-academic workers