MUNACA Communications Committee

MUNACA Communications Committee – Who We Are


Now that the vote for the merger with AMUSE has concluded with a successful outcome this past February (2015), as a member of AMUSE, you might now be wondering who we are – more specifically, what the MUNACA Communications Committee is all about.  You have probably been getting bulletins from AMUSE mentioning us from time to time, so we would like to come forth and introduce ourselves, seeing that we will be working closer together in the next several weeks/months/years.

Firstly, to state the obvious, and most important point of all, our mandate as the MUNACA Communications Committee is to inform, educate, and share information with all MUNACA members. As committee members, we share information among ourselves and decide as a group on how to best communicate with the membership.

Our group is comprised of seven individuals. They are: Anne Bedard, Mary Chin, Roula Kalantzis, Dan Lafreniere, Brenda Lee, Jane McAslan, and Line Robitaille
Jane McAslan is Vice President, Communications of MUNACA and also mainly responsible for maintaining and updating our website.

Mary Chin is Chair of the Committee and acts as chief editor for our monthly newsletter. The Committee has a general policy for approval of newsletter and website content (generally to educate and inform members and to build union awareness and identity). Mary edits, translates and proofs most of our content. Along with Jane, she also approves posts on the MUNACA website.

Dan Lafreniere and Roula Kalantzis assist with the dissemination of info online and/or through the newsletter; Dan is also Secretary of the Committee and takes minutes for our monthly meetings.
Brenda Lee is our graphics designer responsible for the layout of our newsletters, invariably incorporating her own eclectic yet professional design to the publishing of our content.
Anne Bedard and Line Robitaille assist in the bilingual translation and proofreading of our newsletter, bringing their phenomenal editing and proofing skills to the task at hand. Thanks to these two members, our newsletter is fluently flowing to perfect French.

In conclusion, we as MUNACA Communications Committee members serve as an outreach to all of our members and continually strive to ensure everyone is informed of the goings-on around us, be it in our workplace, our union achievements, our sister unions, or the achievements of our individual members who have gone beyond their call of duty to contribute to the success of their special cause(s). We hope to continue serving you, the members of MUNACA, in this all-around important mission, as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of MUNACA this year.

We Stand by You!