Discretionary Fund

AMUSE often receives requests for funding and in an effort to be fair and transparent the following policy has been established.

If you are an individual member of AMUSE who is facing financial hardship a hardship funding request form can be found under the Resources tab.

If your organization or group would like to request funding please read the guidelines below and fill out the Discretionary Fund Application Form and submit it to our Treasurer at treasury.amuse@gmail.com, with communications.amuse@gmail.com CC’d. Decisions are made at our monthly Board meetings.

AMUSE will set aside $300 per month in a Discretionary Fund which will be made available to campus and community organizations and action groups to facilitate external projects.

Your application MUST include an amount requested and be supported by a budget.

The maximum amount allocated for any request will be $175, except in the rare and limited cases where need is demonstrated to be an extenuating factor AND the planned project is extensive and far-reaching enough to justify an increased expenditure. In addition the funding allocation will be subject to the constraints of availability and demand, consequently in the event AMUSE receives a high volume of funding requests, the amount of money allocated for projects may not match the amount requested. The funding allotted for this year is $175 a month, to the many organizations that apply.

Guidelines for application

Applications for discretionary funding must be submitted to the Treasurer at least one week prior to the next scheduled meeting of the Board of Representatives (BoR) at which point they will be brought before the BoR for approval at one of the monthly meetings. Applicants are encouraged to submit their requests as soon as possible so that they can be read over by the Treasurer and any further requests for information or clarification can be made before submission to the BoR; incomplete or ambiguous funding requests will not be submitted to the BoR, therefore sufficient time must be given to make sure requests are complete and transparent.

In the event that a request is not able to be made to the BoR prior to the project taking place, retroactive requests may be submitted to any B.O.R held within the subsequent 2 months, following the same procedure as normally taken. Any requests made after that deadline will not be accepted, barring extenuating circumstances. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the timeline of the request procedure in regards to your specific case, please do not hesitate to contact the Treasurer.

Criteria for Application & Approval

Projects will be funded which fulfil some or all of the following criteria:

• Serve to further the aims and principles of AMUSE, unionization at McGill, and the labour movement.
• Are in line with other social causes with which AMUSE specifically and the labour movement in general maintain bonds of solidarity.
• Work under a non-oppressive and social justice oriented framework.
• Positively affect the McGill community, the Montreal community, and/or the wider community of Quebec.
• Create active labour-campus-community links

**Please note that AMUSE will not give money for stipends or any other individual use.**

What You Can Do for Us.

AMUSE asks that our logo be displayed on promotional materials (i.e. posters, flyers) when possible. We would be happy to display any such promotional materials provided to us as well as make any end result of a project (in the case of a book, video, art project, etc.) available to our membership in our library. In addition, when applicable AMUSE would appreciate the opportunity to table at any relevant events to our mandate.

Requests for Non-financial Resources

As an established organization, AMUSE additionally has many resources that may not be easily accessible to other organizations or groups, such as a physical meeting space or office resources such as photocopiers, printers, phones, computer resources, etc. In that regard, requests for non-financial support may be made in conjunction with funding requests or on their own. Requests for non-financial support and resources must be made at least a week in advance of the date required and will be subject to the approval of the Treasurer and at least one other member of the executive. Applications for non-financial resource support must include the name (if applicable) of the group, their mandate or goals for organizing, a description of their planned event/action (if applicable), and what resources are needed in detail (i.e. date and time for a proposed meeting, number of photocopies, etc.).