Staff ID Cards

Update to ID Cards Access for Casuals

As per Appendix E of the collective agreement (Letter of Agreement: Employee Access to ID Cards), AMUSE and McGill have struck a committee with a mandate to discuss and review the current process relative to Identification Cards and to allow non-student Employees to have access to Identification Cards”. This was a major bargaining priority in the negotiations leading up to our current collective agreement! Get in touch with to find out how the meetings are going.

In the meantime, please note that there are ways to get access cards for your building, with your supervisor’s permission. The steps below outline the process:
  1. Contact your supervisor to ensure that they are in agreement that you should have access to the building.
  2. Contact the Area Access Manager and CC your supervisor to explain what you need.
  3. Ask your supervisor to pay by FOAPAL for the cost of $10.
  4. Pick up the card in the Burnside building, 1st floor.
Do follow up with your supervisor or Security services if you do not hear a response or if the response is unsatisfactory. If you would like any follow-up communication to come from the Union due to difficulty at any point in this process, do not hesitate to contact